Catriona Sturton is an Ottawa, Ontario–based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She has had a prolific career, performing in bands such as Plumtree and collaborating with artists like Joel PlaskettAl Tuck, the late Dutchy Mason, the Mighty Popo and members of Sloan and Blue Rodeo. She is currently working on a solo project.

Ex Plumtree bassist plays raw and expressive blues-inspired rock 'n' roll

Talking to songwriter Catriona Sturton (ex-Plumtree/the Secret) about her life is a little bit like speaking with a rare musical collaboration out of ABC-TV's "Nashville." Not only has she worked for Dolly Parton (one of her idols whose non-profit she worked with via The Dollywood Foundation and their Imagination Station library project), but she's moved in circles that not many young musicians have chosen to travel through their music - in order to focus on something that's very close to her heart: Blues music. 

Touring for her new album, Bumble Bee, Ottawa-based Sturton channels her heavily blues-inspired rock to stages across the US, mixing her trademark boot-stomping harmonica with layered loops of steel and electric guitar. Mixed by Jarrett Bartlett (The Acorn, Jim Bryson, Andrew Vincent), the album includes nine tracks that range from baleful and discomfiting to tender and brooding.

Playing harmonica since she was sixteen, Catriona has been compared to Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett for her remarkable imagination and agility - looping strands of guitar with vocals and harmonica to create a clever layering affect that is all her own.

Working with talented players such as The Acorn's Rolf Klausener, and blues legend Deak Harp - Catriona has crafted a unique sound that mixes blues with an intimate and heartfelt guitar-based alternative style of rock.

Sturton's music transcends boundaries - not quite blues, not quite rock n' roll - but a soulful creation somewhere in the middle that can change from baleful to tempered and sweet in a moment, and back again in her own brand of winsome humor.

Photo credits: Maria Levitov and Rémi Thériault.